¤ This blog is about Beast ( 비스트), a Korean pop/r’nb boyband, under Cube Entertainment. BEAST V.I.U is more specifically focused on the special relationship between its members. Care between bandmates, friendship, bromance, or even love (why not~), everyone will see what they want about their closeness, all the skinships and sweet words about each other.

¤ This blog won’t be regularly updated. I see it more like an archive I’ll update when I have time for it. But comments are welcome!

¤ If you spot some mistakes (in the credits, description, translation…) please post a comment in this page (About), thanks!

ㅡBEAST V.I.U (Time version)

The contents are the same than on BEAST V.I.U but they follow the real chronology. Each picture/blog note etc., will be posted on the day they have been shared for the 1st time on internet (or the real date if we know it). In other words, it’s a day by day archives~


Members : Doojoon (leader), Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kigwang & Dongwoon
Debut date
: 2009.10.16
: So Beast ! / Beast is the Best
: B2uty/Beauty/뷰티
Official color
: Pearl Midnight Blue (since 2010.08) → Dark gray (since 2011.05.08)

Releases :
BEAST is the BEST (2009.10.14, 1st mini)
SHOCK of the New Era (2010.03.01, 2nd mini)
Mastermind (2010.09.30, 3rd mini)
Lights go on again (2010.11.09, 4th mini)
My Story (2010.12.21, digital single)
Fiction & Fact (2011.05.17, 1st full album)
So BEAST (2011.08.11, 1st japanese full album)

ㅡBEAST pairing/coupling

Note : these couplings are mainly used for korean fanfics, so that’s why there is a seme/uke & uke/seme name for each pairing.
But most of the time, people use only one term for a couple, without caring who “dominates” the situation (especially outside of Korea).

Official couple name used in Korea
Popular unofficial couple name used outside of Korea

How to read : member A x member B : outside of Korea || A x B in Korea | B x A in Korea

Yoon Doojoon x Jang Hyunseung : Dooseung || Doohyun, Joonseung | Seungjoon
Yoon Doojoon x Yong Junhyung : 2jun || Yoonyong | Yongyoon
Yoon Doojoon x Yang Yoseob : Dooseob || Dooseob| Seobdoo
Yoon Doojoon x Lee Kigwang : Doogwang || Doogwang | Kwangdoo
Yoon Doojoon x Son Dongwoon : Doowoon || Joonwoon | Woonjoon

Jang Hyunseung x Yong Junghyung : Junseung || Hyunyong | Yonghyun
Jang Hyunseung x Yang Yoseob : Hyunseob || Seungyo | Yoseung
Jang Hyunseung x Lee Kigwang : Kiseung || Hyunkwang | Kwanghyun
Jang Hyunseung x Son Dongwoon : Dongseung, Hyunwoon || Hyundong | Donghyun

Yong Junhyung x Yang Yoseob : Junseob || Yongyo | Yoyong
Yong Junhyung x Lee Kigwang : Junkwang || Yongki | Kiyong
Yong Junhyung x Son Dongwoon : Junwoon || Yongson | Sonyong

Yang Yoseob x Lee Kigwang : Kiseob || Yangkwang | Kwangyang
Yang Yoseob x Son Dongwoon : Dongseob, Magnaedeul || Yodong | Dongyo

Lee Kigwang x Son Dongwoon : Kiwoon || Kwangwoon | Woonkwang

In this blog, I’ll use Dooseung, 2jun, Dooseob, Doogwang, Doowoon, Junseung, Hyunseob, Kiseung, Hyunwoon, Junseob, Yongki, Junwoon, Kiseob, Dongseob & Kiwoon.

ㅡBEAST & a random B2UTY


French ELF from 2005 to 2010, I’ve always thought Super Junior will be my first and only one Korean fandom. How I was wrong~

B2UTY since January 2010, but I love their songs since the beginning. I’m so proud of BEAST and of everything they achieved so far <3. Saw them several times on stage while I was in Korea, they were each time amazing. Each second was worth the hours and hours of waiting (in the cold snow or under the bright summer sun).

It’s really hard to choose, but my favourites pairings (since this site is about that) are Junseung, Dooseob and Junseob ! But 2jun is starting to grow on me~~ Anyway, it’s really nice to see them taking care of each other and showing their affection so often!

Thanks To BEAST, it’s always such a Beautiful Night~~


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